When the Weather Changes

So does your hair.  When Fall and Winter set in, your scalp begins to get dry and your hair as well.  The products you used in the Summer and Spring that were lighter on moisture should be changed out for products that moisturize your hair and scalp.  This will help your hair to remain soft and manageable and, keep you from getting nasty flakes and dry scalp.

When you make an appointment with your stylist, ask them about a deep conditioning treatment that will jump-start your Winter hair care.  They will give you a treatment that will give your hair and scalp conditioners and moisturizers to help you keep your hair looking great.  Also, ask your stylist for information on at-home care.

Find out what products sold at your salon work best.  You may be able to keep your shampoo but, add a leave-in conditioner for the Fall and Winter.  Or, a hair mask that you apply once every two weeks.  While you are getting your treatment, have a conversation with your stylist about it.  Once you get your at-home care and regular conditioning treatments as a routine, your hair will be soft and fabulous for the Winter months!