Perfect Your Brows

Audrey Hepburn's pencil-thin arches, Elizabeth Taylor's natural but groomed brows, and Marilyn Monroe's drawn-in look.  All of these have one thing in common.  They are eyebrows we clamor for on a daily basis.  Eyebrow grooming has been a part of beauty for a very long time.  Women have plucked, pulled, drawn and even shaved their eyebrows to achieve what is in fashion for the era.

In the 1950's, pencil thin and colored in was the rage.  In the 60's full but very "done" was the look (but, who noticed eyebrows with those eyelashes they wore?).  The 70's brought a more natural approach to fashion and the 80's gave us natural eyebrows with a fuller look.  When the 90's dawned, fashion was taking a turn along with beauty.  One look was not the only look that was "in".  Hundreds of looks, styles and trends began to surface.

Today is very much the same.  Eyebrows are groomed, thin, thick, full, natural, plucked, waxed and even drawn on with permanent make-up.  Which leads us to the question, "How do I get the perfect brow?First things first.  Leave it to a professional.  Many Aestheticians will pluck and wax until you get the arches you desire.  Be particular about your brows and how you want them.  The hair takes a few weeks to grow back if any mistakes are made.  Although, you can use a brow pencil for a quick fix.

To figure out what brows you want, use these tricks that the professionals use.  This will help you tell the Aesthetician exactly what you would like to see when you are finished.  Use a pencil as your guide to figure out how you want your brows to look.  Hold a pencil straight up and down at the inner corner of your eye.  Does your brow come further than the pencil?That part that sticks out can easily come off to open up your eyes.  Now, take the pencil from the outer corner and hold it diagonal.  If your brow comes further than that, the end can also come off to keep the eyes from looking like they droop.  Your arches are much easier to determine.  Look in the mirror at your natural arch.  Trace your finger along the arch and, see exactly how much could be plucked or waxed away to create an arch that suits you.

One other way to show your Aesthetician what you want is to color in the brows you would like with a brow pencil.  When you go in, show her the colored area and let her make suggestions.  She will have to take the make-up off but, she will have a good outline to work with.

There really isn't too much trouble to get the brows you want.  Waxing takes just minutes once a month.  Plucking takes a tiny bit longer and lasts just as long.  Either way you decide, you can easily achieve the eye-framing brows you want.