Create a Pamper Me Day

Just our everyday life can cause un-needed stress on our minds and bodies.  Simply taking a day to relax and, pamper yourself is actually healthy for you.  It will reduce the stress on your mind which will reduce muscle tension and, help you relax.  Reducing stress also aides in slowing down the aging process of our skin which means, less wrinkles!

For your day of pampering, start at Nail Bless and finish off at Attitudes Hair Salon.  Splurge and enjoy yourself! There are plenty of packages to choose from to customize your experience at the salon.  Or, you can pick services a-la-carte as well.

What is essential to a full day of pampering at the salon?A massage should be first or last.  It will reduce the stress in your muscles and, ease tension plus relax you.  Having a facial to perk up your skin and, help further relax you is another "must".  Getting a body wrap or, hydrotherapy should also be on the list.  Not only does this help remove impurities from your body but, it also is very relaxing.  Follow it up with a manicure and pedicure to make sure your whole body is looking fine! Then, get yourself a hair trim or new style to really feel and look awesome.

You can also plan your own day, based around what you want and like.  Get rid of everyone in the house for a day (that's the tough part).  Sleep in if you can and, when you wake up take things slow.  Relax, have a nice bubble bath or a warm shower.  Watch one of your favorite movies or, TV shows.  Go to your favorite park and read a good book or, hit your favorite coffee house.  Make the day yours!

Make an appointment at the salon for later in the day.  Get a massage, mini-facial, manicure or pedicure.  Take a couple of hours and decide what you want to look and feel great.  After feeling like a million dollars at the salon, order your favorite take-out for dinner and, indulge a little bit.

No matter how you plan your "pamper me" day, keep one thing in mind.  That is you!