Ingredient Mysteries Unveiled

Seaweed, oxygenated water, tourmaline, paraffin, ...egg yolk? What are these things and, what are they doing in the hair products you buy at the salon? It seems like there is a veil of mystery that is wrapped into each of these ingredient labels. How do you know what is the best product for your hair? Or, what is the best price?

Ask questions. That is your first step to solving the mystery of these ingredients. Ask your hair stylist about what they recommend. Find out why they recommend the product and what it does for your hair. Tell your stylist what you are looking for in a product and, get a recommendation based off of your needs.

Research. Still not convinced? Go do some research of your own. Looking on the internet for the definitions of these ingredients, where they come from and, what they do is a great way to get educated. Once you have decided these odd names are beneficial plants and minerals, you can go back to the salon and snatch the product up.

Check prices. Most salons price their products according to the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) and size counts in this comparison. Sometimes, a 2 ounce bottle will be priced at $39.00 and an 8 ounce bottle be priced at $100.00 . If you do a little math, you can decipher what is the best for your buck. If a 2 ounce bottle is $39.00 then, an 8 ounce bottle is your best buy. Or, you can get even deeper into math and figure out how much the price is per ounce by doing some simple division.

Check active ingredients. One key thing to look for is the active ingredients. These are the ingredients that do the most "work" in your product. Make sure the active ingredients are ingredients that will benefit your needs. If you aren't sure on those ingredients, turn to step one and ask your stylist. They are happy to help you learn all about what you need in a product to keep your style fabulous.

See our Products page for Counterfeit & Diversion and what it means for you.

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